VIDEO: Rare BLUE MOON to happen on July 31st 2015 – SHARE so everyone can enjoy!

Spectacular Rare Blue Moon Event on July 31st 2015

rare blue moon july 31st 2015jpgNote: SHARE THIS POST We have 10 more days countdown left to let EVERYONE KNOW about this Blue Moon!

What is a Blue Moon? A Blue Moon is when there are 2 full moons in one Month. Naturally we know that a full moon happens every 29.5 days which is the full cycle of a moon as it goes from crescent to full in a total of 29.5 days which our calender represents one month. To our understanding a blue moon is a rare occasion that takes place when a full moon appears in the very beginning of the month and according to this pattern the next blue moon should take place on July 31st 2015.

This event happens rarely but at times depending on where you are on planet earth it might not have a Blue Moon on that day for example, the blue moon back in August 2012 was seen most placesĀ  but unfortunately New Zealand location didn’t get lucky on that day so if you don’t want to miss the next rare blue moon event (Don’t worry most places will be able to see it) but we highly recommend you find out what location and when exactly would be the best timing to go out and look. A simple Google search about “rare blue moon” should guide you to the right knowledge what you need to know. This post is just to inform and SPREAD the WORD so that EVERYONE can enjoy this beautiful “once in a blue moon” event.

For a good source to learn more about these blue moons see here for a very well written and useful article about blue moons that will introduce you to everything that you need to know.

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