VIDEO: Meteor Alert: Large Meteor Outburst Possible July 13th-27th 2015!!!

Large Meteor Outburst 2015ALERT- Increased Meteor Activity! Expect some spectacular bolides, fireballs, and meteors the next 15 days (13-27 of July) and especially large ones.
There are four 1.0km diameter or greater known asteroids that will safely pass Earth’s neighborhood. An especially interesting period will be the July 21-27 when a 1.0-2.3 km diameter asteroid with an LD of 18.8 will pass safely on 25 July. Asteroids larger than 1.0 km usually have unknown accompanying debris that may provide an unexpected meteor activity. Cameras Ready! On Jul. 13, 2015, the network reported 88 fireballs. (85 sporadics, 1 , 1 Northern June Aquilid, 1 alpha Capricornid)

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