VIDEO! Insane New Footage Of Yesterday’s Explosionin Tianjin, China. Shocking!

Dozens of lives lost in yesterdays Explosion in Tainjin, China

explosionThis was very tragic and not something to joke or mock.  This video has gone viral with over 12 million views so far. Dozens of lives were lost and others injured. The aftermath cleanup pretty much looks like something we’d see in a action movie and would never expect that this would turn into a reality. Very sad indeed and let’s hope that in the future these kind of things do not happen.  Please have a heart be respectful to the people of China as this is a very tragic event that occurred to say the least. Thank you for understanding. Please post any comments you have below if you would like to discuss this with each other.

In the new video footage you can see the camera man started to film when there was as small explosion that eventually lead to a what looks like a second impact huge explosion. Click Play to view the FULL VIDEO BELOW

Insane new footage of yesterday’s explosion in Tianjin, China.Photos of Tianjin aftermath: footage of the aftermath:

Posted by Ebaumsworld on Thursday,

August 13, 2015

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