VIDEO: Astronauts scramble to safety as Russian satellite nearly HITS International Space Station

astronautsafetyAstronauts take emergency shelter after junk threatens space station
A piece of space junk threatened to crash into the international space station, forcing the three astronauts to seek emergency shelter.

For nearly an hour on Thursday, the American and two Russians hunkered down in their Soyuz capsule, which is docked to the space station, in case they had….. READ More about this story here

The three men stationed on board decamped into the Soyuz spacecraft, which is attached to the orbiting station, while the chunk of an old Russian weather satellite sped by.. READ more about this story here


NASA said: “The crew of the International Space Station is resuming normal operations after getting an all clear from Mission Control following a close pass by space debris this morning.

“All station systems are operating normally and the crew will move out of the Soyuz spacecraft in which they stayed during the debris pass.”

The crew on board includes Russian cosmonauts Gennady Padalka and Mikhail Kornienko and American astronaut Scott Kelly.

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