Leaked Footage – Underground Alien Bases Dulce New Mexico – Alien Interrogated By Gov’t Agent

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Underground Alien Bases At DULCE New Mexico

It seems the US Government has a lot of explaining to do and for many alien researchers around the world, ever since The Roswell Incident story back in the the 1940’s many have been questioning the Government what really went on.

SO what is going on? We all heard of stories about Alien Space ships/Flying Saucers being taken to Area 51 to be studied and reversed Engineered but wait… forget about Area 51 for now.

Let’s talk about a not so known UNDERGROUND Alien Base or better yet Underground Alien Laboratory.

We’re talking about the DULCE BASE located in a town of New Mexico. The TRUTH will leave you feeling like you’ve been lied to!

It is a real eye opener for anyone seeking to know the TRUTH. Since the mid to late 1970’s there have been all sorts of rumors about an underground laboratory beneath the town of Dulce.

Everyone, listen, there is an  underground laboratory beneath the town of Dulce.  You need to keep an open mind, it’s 2017 and many cover-ups are still going on.

Do you really think we are the ONLY Intelligent beings in this Universe? What if they have been on earth this whole entire time and that’s the big secret? There is definitely something VERY STRANGE GOING ON and needs more looking into.

What is the Government trying to hide? At Dulce Base in New Mexico there seems to be a lot of UFO and Paranormal Activity in the area and what’s even stranger is that the Dulce Base might be where all the cover-ups are truly happening especially when you consider the fact that The Underground Bases at Dulce New Mexico is guarded by U.S Forces.

Rumor is is, it is inhabited by a GROUP OF SINISTER EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS.

At the Dulce Base, we don’t know for sure but with all the alien secrets being exposed lately with whistle blowers coming out speaking to the public could it all be linked to this one UNDERGROUND BASE in Dulce New Mexico?

What is happening there that the public is not aware of? We know there are many top secret military bases throughout the United States ranging from Area 51 to S4 but The Dulce Base is definitely the most interesting of them all.

Not to mention it’s scary what seems to be happening there!

Supposedly there are beings working closely with the Government, many leaked footage of aliens being interviews are coming out..

Real or not… you must consider that the average person cannot fake all of these videos. And remember.. some of these videos are so well done there is a possibility that some of these clips  may be as real as it gets

When you consider all the military tactics and operations in place to lead the masses away from knowing the truth it’s hard to tell..

IT seems that they are flooding the internet with junk footage making it difficult for the average person to discern what is real and what is not through tactics of mixing truth with fiction.. or call it DISINFORMATION at best.

Cryptoterrestrial Interview FOOTAGE With A Government Agent

One video Stands out to them all. One of a Government Agent interviewing what we see as a REAL ALIEN BEING in some room being interrogated and at the end of the video…

The alien being made a move and attacked something or “someone” before it was cut short.  The interview is very important and seem to touch the hearts of many who have seen it.

This alien being might not even be of extraterrestrial origin as he claimed that he’s an evolved human from the future who came back to observe data that was lost from planet earth which humans have started a war destroying the world in the future.

So it’s up to you to believe how you feel about the following footage, we can’t know for sure who leaked it but it’s definitely making waves.

SOMETHING VERY STRANGE IS GOING ON! And it seems that the human race is in for some serious trouble! A War being waged by Aliens with our Gov’t and they are not actually from other worlds THEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN HERE THIS WHOLE TIME . SOME WERE TAKEN AND HELD  IN THE UNDERGROUND BASES WHICH THEY LIVE IN AND OTHERS UNDER OCEAN PLACES THEY ALSO LIVE IN AND ARE MOSTLY OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE.  Mac Tonnies who died suddenly so young (R.I.P) Explains this perfectly in

The Cryptoterrestrials: A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us


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