Tupac Did Not Believe In The Illuminati You Have Been Fooled 2016

PROOF Tupac Did Not Believe iLLUMINATI Conspiracy

Tupac never believed in the Illuminati. Although you may disagree he made this very clear numerous times in interviews and songs. I’ll break down the facts what he really meant below… Read the CONCLUSION to learn the real truth how YOU are being fooled.

tupac did not believe in the illuminati 2016

Tupac Says Illuminati Doesn’t Exist!

Many conspiracy theories are convinced  that Tupac’s album titled “KILLUMINATI” was talking about a secret society that controls the world.

Is it? The answer is NO. Here is why…

But first, you have to listen to the following video of Tupac himself speaking his thoughts on the Illuminati. It is VERY RARE!

I want you to LISTEN CLOSELY to what he says because THIS IS THE AUDIO that many heard before which has somehow given people the impression he was talking about the Illuminati.

Here’s is what you need to know..

TUPAC was not stupid. He was awake and knew the TRUTH which proves that he was an enlightened person and wise.

Saying that 2pac believed the Illuminati exists & controls the world is underestimating one’s intelligence. Pac was indeed a SHEPHERD and not a sheep.

Tupac went to prison and i’m guessing his “immates” filled him in on the Illuminati conspiracy theories which was nothing new to him since Tupac was known to be educated on OCCULT KNOWLEDGE.

He read MANY BOOKS for those that do not know. Watch the video below to get an idea the types of books he read..

Ok so now we know Tupac was knowledgeable on the occult even before he was famous and went to prison so what was he trying to say when he titled his album “KILLUMINATI”?

In Conclusion…

He wanted to WAKE HIS PEOPLE UP and get them to STOP believing in “ILLUMINATI PROPAGANDA”.

He knew the game and observed in prison how “mind controlled” people were with the idea that the “Illuminati” is to blame for everything.

This is why his album is called “KILLUMINATI”. To Kill/destroy the “RUMORS” that the “ILLUMINATI” controls everything because he saw how DISTRACTED people were and how when you waste your time and energy chasing something false it will hold you back from hustling.

The truth is SIMPLE..  Stop falling for the propaganda BS and WORK HARD at GETTING YOUR LIFE TOGETHER that way you could position yourself better in society someday.

Tupac wanted people to build a foundation for themselves especially his people. He knew people in the ghettos didn’t own businesses like the rich.

Tupac was a freedom fighter, he was fighting to reveal the TRUTH. A TRUTH so magnificent that STILL TODAY the masses cannot comprehend the reality of it.

Tupac knew of this truth… like many other celebrities in Hollywood and a good percentage of the average people in society who also know the truth. It is not the illuminati running things, yes there are the powers that be (TPTB) and some very wealthy people who utilize resources to manage and control society but you MUST never forget it is always up to YOU to maintain focus and clarity if you want to own your freedom and not be controlled like the majority.

If you still believe is it the “Illuminati” who controls the world you fell for the propaganda.

Just ask MOST people the question. Have you heard of the Illuminati? They will most likely say YES which mean’s it has been MARKETED WELL to the masses and it worked.

Learn the TRUTH how there is a SILENT WAR being played on your mind to dumb you down. Learn the techniques THEY use and become more aware of how you can identify how TPTB operate. Learn the real TRUTH that the International Financial Elite DO NOT WANT YOU TO  KNOW! Read all about it how we speak on the lies and the disgusting public relations (PR) industry. See the LINK BELOW

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