Top Secret Alien Technology – Are You Using Alien Technology On Earth?

Alien Technology – Roswell Incident Cover-Up

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The Roswell Incident 1947 alien technology flying saucer newspaper paper

Have we been using alien technology on earth this whole time? We’re not talking about cars, planes, smartphones, or tablets, those pretty much have a solid history that can be traced but even to that could we have possibly received help from other worldly alien beings?

Let’s take a look closer into the possibilities that humans on earth have been deceived by an alien race and “they” have been giving us the technology we are currently using today, in fact, these alien technologies might not have even been invented by the aliens themselves but actually RE-DISCOVERIES from trillions of years ago!

More on this later but let’s start from the beginning where this “Alien COVER-UP” all begun..

The Roswell Incident of 1947 A Year Never To be Forgotten!

Ever since The Roswell Incident back in 1947 when a so called UFO Flying Saucer crash landed, there are claims that the Government rushed to the scene immediately and confiscated all materials from the alien spacecraft then took it to the Area 51 Top Secret base where they have been studying the alien technology from the wrecked flying saucer for decades.

Many are saying that the Government is secretly hiding from the public that they have already managed to fully understand the “alien technology” of this so called UFO that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.

It’s almost 2016 and frankly, it’s been almost 75 years and still we haven’t gotten any proper disclosure of what really went on there, and it still is a mystery today! Fast forward to 2015 we now know of a field of work called ARV which is referred to as “Alien Reverse Engineering” which can be connected to what has been going on for decades now..

What if We Reversed Engineered Technology That Came Light Years Away In Those UFOs?

Alien Technology Reverse Engineering” in which a team of engineers take apart any advanced or very complicated technology and study the parts eventually putting it back together.

This allows them to learn and copy so they could replicate an EXACT MODEL and it’s a big business believe it or not.

Are You Using Alien Technology On Earth?

alien-technology-transistors-integrated-circuits-microchips-filesIt is said that transistors, resisters, capacitors, integrated circuits, microchips, possibly even BINARY CODES were “handed” to us and lots more! So were all alien technology on earth discovered and reverse engineered off of Roswell’s flying saucer which lead to new advancement rapidly on earth between 1950-2012?

Rumor has it, when the “atomic bomb” was used during WW2 which actually ended the war, and because it was the first time in history that “humans” ever used such a mass weapon of destruction, it is said that “higher dimensional beings” were alerted and was sent to warn us that we as a specie “isn’t ready”, that we are too “primitive” in our current stage of evolution to actually handle the responsibility of such a weapon.

But that didn’t stop the power’s that be on want to rule and control planet earth… the elite that is… they continued to be reckless with their ruthless ways, and has ever since been “cooperating” and making deals with these beings in the dark.

President Harry S. Truman Reads Prepared Speech After Dropping of Atomic Bomb 

Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. – President Ronald Reagan



The SECRET SPACE PROGRAM is an entirely new conspiracy on it’s own which many ufology experts are familiar with.The video above shows real footage of U.F.O’s taken by NASA Astronauts during their various Space Shuttle missions orbiting the earth. It also includes footage of the deployment of the experimental Tethered Satellite System, on Sunday February 25, 1996.

Now if you think about it, if the powers that be (TPTB) never give into these “higher beings” demands by disobeying any of what they’ve instructed our government to do  , they might have created a “space war” on their own by ticking these alien races off. So now under the tables, the masses are left blind, completely clueless of this “elite” verses “aliens” war going on, and no wonder now we have conspiracies about “SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS”.

Humans VS Aliens – Secret Space War

So is there a human and alien war happening right in front our eyes in plain sight? Is the Government extracting parts from these UFOs that crash landed here to reverse these alien being technologies found in these space ships we hear about?  But wait, WHAT IF these technologies are just being handed to us by reasons unknown? Let us take a look at the possible agenda of one of the known alien race living among us…

The Roswell Incident aliens experiment secret caught

Referred to as “They Greys” they are an alien race that many have claimed contacted the United States Government in the early 1950’s or even way before in order to make a deal to be in partnership together with the Gov’t for trade purposes. So, the conspiracy is “The Greys” are handing over advance alien technologies to our government in secret and in exchange for these “alien technology” they are abducting our humans on earth to study and learn about our species.

Ancient Alien Technology

Annunaki alien technology arvAnother concept is all the technologies we are using are all “ancient alien technology” already discovered eons ago by the Annunaki, a giant alien race that came here and had our ancestors mining gold for them as slaves because they needed the “GOLD” to patch their home planet’s atmosphere which they may have returned to already.

However, as they departed earth after gathering enough gold, they taught us some “tricks” to help us evolve. Either way, The Annunakis, Egyptians, Babylonians, maybe even Atlanteans, as the infamous Plato once believed that Atlantis was a great city with advanced technologies so there is a good possibility that archaeologists are digging up and finding ancient alien technologies all over the world and slowly they are returning it to our culture or society.

A-lot of these topics are very sensitive subjects to many because none of us truly knows what goes on behind the scenes. What about anti-gravity? Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) we seen in the skies obviously have some sort of Anti Gravity propulsion system, now wouldn’t you like to know how that works? It’s still unknown! Hopefully very soon, we will have a FULL DISCLOSURE but as of this very moment, the only thing we can do is to keep believing and never stop searching for the TRUTH.

Although this article claims that alien technology is being used on earth and there’s a good chance that this could all be true, let’s not forget that humans are also very smart that we should give credit to ourselves for the many great things we achieve collectively even though “THEY” consider us a “Type 0” civilization.

WE are all one and together we shall get answers one day. Just keep SHARING KNOWLEDGE and doing what you can to make others aware.

Alien Technology – Electricity and Nikola Tesla

With that said, keep a reminder that all technologies whether it’s alien technology or things we as humans discovered, the one source of it all came from the discovery of electricity which was the first HUGE advancement in mankind’s history that really took us off to a whole new level in evolution.nikola tesla alien technology mars venus tesla scope electricity

Thanks to Michael Faraday discovering the law and others such as the genius Nikola Tesla who was a master of electricity and give the world AC power.

Even Nikola Tesla claims to have been the first to communicate with Aliens or Extraterrestrial (ET) from the planet Mars and Venus using a telescope he invented that he named the “Tesla scope“. Not just that, recently in 2015, rumor has it that Nikola Tesla was also the first man to “intercept” what is becoming a viral topic known as “The Black Knight Satellite” which is VERY FASCINATING and could possibly be ALIEN Technology that have been “WATCHING” and “OBSERVING” us for a VERY LONG TIME…

Learn all about this “Black Knight Satellite” mysterious UFO supposedly currently  STILL orbiting our planet earth! SEE HERE Black Knight Satellite Mystery – 13,000 YEAR OLD Satellite Spotted Orbiting Earth!

Tesla said he communicated with the Venusian’s with his Tesla Scope which he built in 1898 but at the time not many people at the time did not take him seriously. Much is needed to look further into everything discussed, we live in a very mysterious and strange universe with so much unexplained. Mark Twain was correct when he said “The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction”
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