Strange Message Dedicated To Starseeds, Lightworkers, Indigos And Awakened Ones Posted That Spoke A-lot Truth

Strange Message Posted From Angel?

A video was posted with a very strange message of someone supposedly who is an “An

gel” of the Nommos from the star system by Sirius.

It is titled “Important Message To Starseeds Lightworkers Indigos and The Awakened O

nes  on Planet Earth”

It says that humans were born with specific destinies but have forgotten about it and they are all connected with similar children who were born under the same constellation as them.

It made claims that the yellow sun rays effect on is makes us energized and when it sets in the evening it makes us tired and how the other cosmic rays from other stars under different constellation works in the same way except it will give us other abilities that is not known to us as yet.

Super powers maybe?

It talks about how humans were deceived by TPTB who keeps them busy and occupied in this 9-5 rat race that they can never break free from and how they are being tricked from figuring out their true purpose.

What’s strange is that the voice in the video cannot be identified with any known “accents”.

The channel seem to have that one video uploaded to it and no other video.

The strange watcher claims that they cannot stay too long under the yellow sun and they must return to their home planet.

It also states that we are all connected to ONE power source which is a “white light” and that no one is ever alone.

What are you thoughts on this? Here is the video below for you to listen.

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