Shocking Video Cop Murders Dog on Private Property – Owner Confronts Officers

Man Confronts Officers as he came home to find his DOG Murdered by a Cop on private property


Sean Kendall posted this video on Facebook after confronting Salt Lake City police officers on his front lawn minutes after his dog was shot dead by an officer during a search for a 3-year-old boy.

Note: This particular story is a special one and we hope that bringing it to light can help stop these unnecessary events from happening in the future.

cop shot dogThis is a sad and sick story that happened early July. In the video you can see the proud owner of a Dog was in shock after returning home to find out his Dog was shot by an officer. The officer who shot his dog was not present at the time when the resident who was the dog owner got home but you can see him confronting the officers who was still on his property.

What to make of this? We live in a chaotic world and it is up to us humans to try our best.  Humans are self destructive at least most of us it surprises us even in modern society that these things still happen. Accidents or not there should be absolutely no reason to hurt a dog on private properly or ANYWHERE for that matter. Man Vs Dog? That is ridiculous and no matter what the outcome of the story is.. It is clear that a majority of humans maybe never understand the golden rule.  Treat others how you would like to be treated! This is so simple to understand do not put anyone in ANY POSITION that YOU would HATE.. If you know something will break your heart, don’t do it to anyone!

Back to the story, our condolences goes out to the owner it is  truly a heart breaking story. That dog was the owners best-friend, how could anyone take that away from someone? Please check out the video below and share your thoughts.

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