Planet Nibiru 2017 – Was It Here All Along? Is The Moon A Projection?

Planet Nibiru Updates 2017

planet nibiru 2017 updates planet x news footage two suns

Planet Nibiru or Planet X  is a supposed disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object (either a collision or a near-miss).

The approach of Planet X/Nibiru is becoming more and more popular on the internet in the last two years which is causing a lot of controversy as many citizens of earth are already panicking that this “planet Nibiru” is the true biblical prophecy which has many people already fearing that it is the true end of days.

Many are also claiming that NASA space agency is deliberately covering up visual evidence of its existence because they don’t want people to cause any chaos or panic and they should just carry on with their daily lives.

However, certain groups of people believe this collision will take place in the early 21st century. Believers in this doomsday event usually refer to this object as Planet X or Nibiru but what if these believers aren’t so wrong?

planet nibiru 2017 planet x updatesBesides the Nibiru threat, some may not be aware but there is actually a huge asteroid heading towards earth (Asteroid Apophis) which could be a real threat in the near future and shouldn’t be taken lightly when that time comes.

We’ll discuss more on Asteroid Apophis later but for now let’s get back to the Planet Nibiru controversy…

Let’s take a look closer to understand what the fuss is about and why people all over the world is discussing these claims and even going out of their way to capture supposed evidence that Planet Nibiru is already here in our solar system.

Things YOU should Know About Planet Nibiru/Planet X

  • The name “Nibiru” originated from the ancient Sumerians, who once inhabited ancient Mesopotamia. According to researcher Zecharia Sitchin it is the 12th planet.
  • Several ancient texts from Mesopotamia shows strong evidence that supports theories that Planet Nibiru has an orbital period of 3600 years. The number 3,600 was represented by the Sumerians as a large circle.
  • NASA has identified a planet with an anomalous orbit around our Sun; they refer to it as Planet X. The Washington post and other news agencies wrote about it in 1983 and the coming years.
  • It is believed that the planet originated from the Orion constellation
  • According to the Washington Post: “A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope aboard the U.S. infrared astronomical satellite… ‘All I can tell you is that we don’t know what it is,’ said Gerry Neugebauer, chief IRAS scientist.”
  • In 2017, many are claiming that Planet Nibiru/PlanetX can be seen hidden behind our sun

That’s right, if you look more into the Planet Nibiru topic you are sure to bump into tons of amateur clips on video sharing websites or even social networks revealing what is a supposed mystery planetary object hidden behind our sun.

You’ll notice what seems to be “TWO SUNS” in most of the amateur footage’s seen.

As clear as the evidence seems in these footage’s by amateurs, others have commented saying the object being seen is nothing but “lens flare”… Just watch the video below.

Nibiru Planet X is caught hiding behind the Sun on CAMERA 2 SUNS VISIBLE

So is it “just” lens flare or is this the real deal? Just take a look at this clip below to get an idea what we are referring to…

Planet Nibiru 2012 and The Mayans Prophecy

planet x nibiru 2017 updates mayans 2012 end of world

We know that the Mayans predicted a celestial object that will effect earth. It is said that The ancient Mayans predicted the coming of the moon/nibiru that when this even takes place there will be changes to humanity.

Is planet Nibiru related to the Mayans prophecy? The Mayan people were considers the “masters of time” and if you remember 5 years ago alot of people believed the world was going to end in 2012.

Many were prepared to witness the end days as they never thought the Mayans were wrong this time around as most of us knew that The Mayans had a very accurate calendar which ended on December 21, 2012 mapping the end of time itself.

Some Nibiru believers are saying that something did happen on 2012 as quoted below:

December 2012 is actually the day when  “they” or the powers that be removed the moon/nibiru from the earth, bringing forth a higher vibration on earth allowing a select few spiritual people a chance to ascend to a higher state of mind.

As crazy as it sounds it makes sense to a few believers that the moon is actually planet Nibiru and we’ve been looking up at it this entire time that what actually happened on Dec 21, 2012 is the moon was REMOVED when the Mayan calendar stopped.

But how can these claims happen? Well for one.. You may be surprised to find out, others have, that the Earth does not really need the moon. That it was “perfectly placed to sustain life” turns out to be a load of bullocks.

That’s right, the moon’s mysterious introduction into an earthbound orbit still puzzles scientists, esoteric philosophers and ancient historians a-like. While physicists puzzle over the anomalous characteristics of the moon, many ancient tales and writings refer to a time “before the moon”.

moon is a projection not real fake hologram 2017 illuminatiSome even say the “moon” is already gone, and what we all observe as the moon today is only a projection now like a hologram.

Many enlightened ones are familiar with the idea that the moon is not a natural celestial object being a perfect circle since no other other planets in our solar system has a moon shape like ours even the planets with multiple moons orbiting!

So was the moon  placed precisely where it is for a specific reason?

Is The Moon Real Or Just A Projection?

Who made the moon? Forget spending your next $10 on junk food which only deteriorates your health. YOU should grab this book called “who made the moon” and your mind will be blown. If you are a truth seeker this is a MUST HAVE for your reading pleasure. Click the book cover below to order from amazon directly.

who built the moon planet x planet nibiru

Even recently they placed in the mainstream news about nuking the moon project from the 1950’s. Does this mean that planet x/ nibiru has always been here which was the moon we know of all along?

Could it be just a projection now and we’re all being duped by the ones controlling this reality we experience?

The moon aka nibiru struck earth already and stayed in orbit, thats what the mayans were talking about…the coming of the moon and the changes it will make here on earth.

Nibiru will be removed and the planet will flourish with higher vibrations.

With all the propaganda being pushed on the American pubi

c it’s becoming difficult for the masses to get a true grasp of reality to understand what is real and what isn’t. How?

The powers that be have infiltrated the minds of millions of citizens through the media.

This is a big part of the problem why people need waking up.  With all the manipulation going on in the mainstream media and to even forget the elite’s tactics which is being used to shape the lives of humanity’s existence in this reality we all live in what can be done?

Or the question is.. why do THEY do this?

Most that are awake believe it’s all about money and control. We do know that the powers that be have brainwashed the masses using mind control techniques for decades.

People who are under their controlled system are still stuck in the matrix and because of this anything out of the ordinary the masses cannot comprehend and they immediately fight to protect the system.

What could the elite’s be hiding from the masses for them to want to create all this chaos? Are we in the end days where this major secret is coming out? What if Nibiru is the key to all of this?

Is our Gov’t secretly protecting and trying to prep for the arrival of Nibiru? TO BE CONTINUED…


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