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Pineal Gland Function –  The Light/Spirit/Soul In YOU.

The famed psychic Edgar Cayce once said, “Keep the pineal gland operating and you won’t grow old – you will always be young.”

The pineal gland is small endocrine gland located in the very center of your brain. The function of the pineal glad is a very controversial topic as there have been many different views on the importance of having a healthy pineal gland.

pineal gland human brain picture

Diagram of Pineal gland in the human brain (CLICK PICTURE TO ENLARGE)

It is said that the pineal gland function or purpose is it produces “melatonin” which is a serotonin derived hormone, which affects the modulation or sleeping patterns, in both seasonal and circadian rhythms causing physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle, responding to the light and darkness in your environment.

Your Pineal Gland on Fluoride

It has been known for quite sometime now that fluoride is the Pineal gland’s worse enemy. 

In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster than any other chemical – Dr. Dean Burk PHD (34 years at the national cancer institute)

The pineal gland function of the human brain potential is fascinating, but when fluoride accumulates and get’s stuck on your pineal gland, then it becomes a problem. However, even though it is pretty much harmless in small quantities and occurs naturally in water, you should be aware that when ingesting anything with fluoride in it, be very cautious because studies have shown that some products we’ve been using have been know to exceed the safety limit of fluoride in their ingredients.

pineal gland fluoride on calcificationFor example, our tap water and toothpaste has a higher concentration of UN-naturally occurring fluoride which could cause calcification in your pineal gland meaning the FLUORIDE will ACCUMULATE and STICK to your PINEAL GLAND! This has been known to be going on for a very long time now and rumor has it, this has been the source and cause of the dumbing down of society planned by the powers that be.


Pineal Gland Calcification – TRUTH

Why would TPTB want to dumb down the masses you may ask? You must remember, there is a separation of class in society, there are LOW, MIDDLE and UPPER-CLASS (We call it ‘Society’ or ‘The Matrix’ where a system is designed in which people or things are placed in a series of levels with different importance or status)  with the elites being above all the other classes. This is known as a “higher hierarchy” which would be a group that controls an organization and is divided into different levels.

With that said, it is possible that the function of this tiny organ we refer to as the “pineal gland”is MORE POWERFUL than we may have been lead to believe and that cleansing your pineal gland is vital for awakening your superhuman unlimited powers, which allows you to  be able to do anything! And most likely “THEY” know of this and DO not want you to achieve these natural born gifts allowing you to become the “greatest version of yourself”.

pineal gland function activation truth purpose

It’s all about CONTROL and having AUTHORITY over the masses so the 1% can keep their WEALTH while keeping the masses in chaos. Note the term the elite coined as “Order Out of Chaos” which is the doctrine that rules the ENTIRE world. Now that you are aware that you are an all powerful omnipotent being,  it is time you learn the true function of your PINEAL GLAND and how you can ACTIVATE the light within yourself.

Pineal Gland – Hidden In Plain SIGHT

The shape of the pineal gland organ is of a pine cone, hidden in plain sight, this symbolism of the pine cone has been seen throughout the Vatican city… the Pope carries a staff with a tiny PINE CONE on it can we say Conspiracy?

Here are some facts about the Pine-Cone shape hidden in plain sight

  • The Catholic pope carries a staff with a pine cone directly above where his hand is positioned
  • A Bronze Pigna at Vatican is the largest pine cone sculpture in the world and is prominently featured in Vatican Square – in the Court of the Pine cone
  • King Tut’s golden burial mask features a “kundalini serpent” emerging from the general area of the pineal gland on his forehead


Pineal Gland Function

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pineal gland pope staff pinecone pine cone francis

To be Con’t… STAY TUNED…

Coming soon..

Pineal gland activation and how to decalcify your pineal gland. We will also touch on the connection with DMT which is known as the “Spirit Molecule”  and the pineal gland functions relating to the 3rd EYE… And much more!

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pineal gland pine cone vatican pope staff

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