Nikola Tesla – Signal to Mars & Interplanetary Communication

Nikola Tesla Receiving Signal from Mars and Communicating with Planets

nikola tesla marsOn October 12th 1919 Nikola Tesla wrote an article title “Signals to Mars based on hope of life on planet” specifically written for the Herald saying that “the idea that other planets are inhabited by intelligent beings might be traced to the very beginning of civilization”.

We are all familiar today about our ancient ancestors having drawn UFOs on hieroglyphs and today modern civilization have grown to be fascinated with these ancient hieroglyphs leading us to make conclusions that we’ve been or have been encountering these unknown origins of so called outer space worldly beings for ages.

To be fair this article won’t be about aliens or UFOs but instead what a brilliant engineer best known as Nikola Tesla who was a very intelligent man who was forgotten and made claims over 100 years ago that he believed he received signals from Mars which could have been intelligent life.

nikola tesla mars planets venusAs of 2013-2015, some people even call him “the man who built the 20th century”. He was a brilliant engineer who lit up the world as we know today. His name is Nikola Tesla.

We on earth have always wondered “Is there life on mars”? What’s out there! Today we’ve been able to send our own rover to mars to explore its surface but not any humans as of yet. So far mars seems to be a dry dessert from our data we collected by the Mars rover. But lets look at some of what Nikola Tesla said over 100 years ago so we can get more into the mind of what made him come to these conclusions..

Below are some written words of him including the title of articles written by him about what he said about the Planet Mars and communication with other planets. For more In-depth details on his thoughts about this subject if you are interested in researching further on the topic, below are the title of articles for you to research and do your own diligence on this.

mars roverSignaling to Mars – A Problem of Electrical Engineering

Signals to Mars Based on Hope of Life on Planet Interplanetary Communication

You must remember at the time Nikola Tesla had these ideas it was a time of innocence and nobody really had the ability to signal to other distance worlds deep in outer space but Nikola Tesla was one of the very few who had the tools and resources to do so. We had telescopes to view distance stars and galaxies but the inventor Nikola Tesla being the brilliant engineer/scientist he was took it in his own hands to signal/search for whats out there. He was labeled in a negative way for doing so because it was a new concept to grasp at the time in history.

Discuss this we’d love to hear your thoughts on what Nikola Tesla discovered about Interplanetary Communication and Signaling to Mars.

Article written by: Kal Quartz

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