Nikola Tesla Invented All UFO Crafts That We See – UFO Design & Flying Saucer Technology Exposed

UFOs are NOT Aliens it’s a SPACECRAFT Nikola Tesla Invented that the GOVERNMENT Stole after his DEATH

The are two basic myths about UFOs –

  1. They do not exist, or
  2. If they do exist, they are aliens.

However, common sense and scientific evidence disprove these phony lies. Mainstream big media has been brainwashing the public about UFOs for a very long time.

This blog will show that Nikola Tesla was the inventor of what we know as flying saucer technology.

However, these facts about UFOs have been deliberately concealed by the media and governments of the world. Until now, a re-discovery of the scientific/technical basis for a space-propulsion system invented in the late 19th century by Nikola Tesla, now used in the secret flying machines known as “UFOs” or “flying saucers”.

Documentation has recently made is way on the internet about the development of Tesla’s theory. This technology has been concealed for over 70 years!

 Nikola Tesla’s Ideal Flying Machine and Hidden Space Propulsion System


Nikola Tesla’s Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It have all been exposed in a well research book titled “Occult Ether Physics”.

If you want to learn about Nikola Tesla’s Ideal Flying Machine then this is it..

This book has the sort of information your Government would like to keep you away from learning.  Don’t be surprise if it’s no longer available someday but for those who have a copy, keep this little gem in a safe place for the future generation.

In the final chapter you will even find a little surprise.

nikola tesla ufo flying saucer coverup stolenOccult Ether Physics makes new breakthroughs in Tesla research and the UFO propulsion system, complete with much documentation from the 19th century by the world’s leading scientists who were working on this idea.

YOU will find the incredible facts concealed in history such as the following

  • Are these flying machines exclusively man-made?
  • Are they falsely claimed to be “extraterrestrial” by “UFOlogists” or so-called “flying saucer experts”?
  • Are these claimants actually government agents?
  • Did the Nazis acquire this technology from Tesla in a Los Alamos project in 1936-38?

But that’s not all.. prepare for this…

Occult Ether Physics includes an Extensively illustrated and includes a final chapter on the Lyne Atomic Hydrogen Furnace invented by the author in 1964 and published by the author in 1997

What happened to Nikola Tesla’s Anti-gravity UFO Flying SAUCER?

Before we dig more deep into Tesla’s rumored “anti gravity UFO flying saucer” we cannot confirm that any of the following information that is currently available are a legit source but that is the point of this blog post.

We would like to ask all of Nikola Tesla’s fans to contribute any information known about this fascinating craft that is spreading like crazy on social networks, YouTube, Google, etc. Whatever information you come across when doing your own due-diligence during your research feel free to post it below in the comment section so that we could look further into it and spread more awareness.

As of right now we’ve gather a few information to bring this anti gravity UFO flying saucer “supposedly” invented by the great Nikola Tesla to light but for now, think of this one as a conspiracy that needs to be looked farther into.

You should also look into ARV Alien Reproduction Vehicle –  Zero Point Energy Reverse Engineered Technology to learn how the Government is able to recreate these alien crafts.

NOTE: This page will CONSTANTLY be updated as new information is available so bookmark this page if you would like to keep up. This is for the fans of Nikola Tesla. We are working hard to make this site more interactive for it’s visitors so please bare with us as we improve.

Nikola Tesla’s Anti gravity UFO:What happened his greatest Invention?



nikola tesla ufo technology flying saucer design patent invention

Here is the Concept of the Anti Gravity UFO Ship popping up lately on the internet. Click on the IMAGE to Enlarge.


nikola tesla uufos fo technology flying saucer design patent invention alien spaceship spacecraft

Could this be the early stages of when the Government was testing Nikola Tesla’s flying saucer? Doesn’t look to stable to us, either way this was decades ago and the craft seem to be in a primitive stage of development. Fast forward to 2015 and they are telling us nothing came out of this?

More to come soon.. Tesla’s work is still a mystery, so any attempt to bring it to light is welcome. What do you guys think? What about Roswell? Do you think it was the Government beta testing Tesla’s ship? Is the Government using Tesla’s technology to planet hop? The imagination is endless to think about “IF” all this is true. POST anything you find below in the COMMENTS.

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