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I would like to welcome all guests and everyone who registered if you haven’t yet it’s 100% free to create an account and post on here.. I am the admin at Intergalactic Vault I created this website to bring together like-minded individuals who is dedicated and interested in the subjects here.Please, I do not believe in censoring free speech so I would like to ask that this community be respectful to it’s members and not harass, or threaten anyone on the forums. We are all grown adults I’m hoping that the experience will be user friendly and mature which is not difficult to maintain so if you get upset at anyone, take a break and cool off. Also, we are in the beginning stage of starting something that means a lot to many around the world. If there is a specific category that you think we should add on IV Forum, please feel free to contact us about it. As our community grows, we will look into adding new features so that our visitors can have a more enjoyable experience at IV. Be patient with us.

I believe humanity is getting closer to the TRUTH of what’s out there this is why I think we all need to get together and continue bringing information to the public that is relevant or could help open up minds around the world. With that said I strongly believe in the Golden Rule “do unto others” so I only ask that you show kindness to others so we can keep the Intergalactic Vault a safe place for intellectuals to gather and share their truths, knowledge, experiences, and more with others.

PS: If you have a new recommendation for a new category to be added on the IV forum for discussion contact me or post it below!

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