If You have a SPIRAL WHORL FINGERPRINT Pattern This Is What It Means

Spiral Whorl Fingerprint Pattern Meaning

Fingerprints have been found on ancient Babylonian clay tablets, seals, and pottery and have also been found on the walls of Egyptian tombs and on Minoan, Greek, and Chinese pottery, as well as on bricks and tiles from ancient Babylon and Rome. Was there some spiritual relationships involving an individual fingerprint?

To understand more about patterns you need to look into the Golden Section and why the ancients all used this sacred design to build on everything. It is Nature’s Greatest Secret.

In the Henry system of classification, there are three basic fingerprint patterns: loop, whorl and arch, which constitute 60–65%, 30–35% and 5% of all fingerprints respectively.

spiral whorl fingerprintRumor has it, there is more to fingerprints than people may think but not just any fingerprint, we’re talking about the “SPIRAL WHORL FINGERPRINT“.

In forensic science as we know in 2016, a whorl finger print pattern has two deltas and at least one ridge making a complete circuit, which may be spiral, oval, circular, or any variant of a circle.

A whorl is a type of spiral or circular pattern but we’ll be focusing on the actual SPIRAL, not the CIRCULAR one.

Spiral Whorl Fingerprint Personality

“Your Life Purpose is in your Fingerprints” Interview with Shaunna Touchi by Kris Steinnes Read more

Many of us do not know this but there are actually 11 basic patterns of fingerprint which can generally explain and individual’s personality, that’s right, each person has a fingerprint pattern that can explain one’s self if you are seeking more meaning of who you are.

11 fingerprint patterns pattern finger print 2016

Let’s begin by talking about the what we’ve uncovered about the  SPIRAL WHORL

The Spiral Whorl fingerprint, starting from the center and move outward, has two triangular points.These individuals who bare this type of fingerprint are supposedly very evolved humans and have been here from the beginning of time.

They are the original creators of our universe supposedly for billions of years, not with what they do in physical form, but how they envision their reality collectively with their thoughts.

These individuals from birth knew they were “different”unlike many others who needed to be “awakened”  they were awake their entire lives.

Because of their planned destiny, they tend to be very quiet, and usually do not like to be touched as they are always thinking and organizing their thoughts.

Rarely these individuals will be in crowded environments as they are only able to function at their highest alone in their own world they create for themselves.

Usually at a very early age, these individuals did not fit into society well, the educational system,  and had no choice but to do the opposite of what most people would do which enabled them to discover other means of making a living by thinking out of the box where they’ve developed original talents/skills.

An example would be an artist, or anyone who creates an original item which they can barter with and be compensated for or basically anyone who is an entrepreneur and do not have to work the 9-5 system to get by due to the how motivated and relentless they were in their childhood to be original.

It was never something for them to “figure out” it just had to be done so they’d have the free time necessary for themselves to “create” or “invent” something whether as a hobby or in their minds, they are ALWAYS thinking about CREATING.

They have spend their entire lives struggling with their thoughts hating the fact they might not have any control over their destiny so they end up spending countless hours seeking knowledge through observation and spending lots of time in nature which is where they feel most comfortable. ancient fingerprint spiritiality petroglyph Although these individuals may seem lost to others, they are in fact the opposite, they already have lived many past lives and are usually empaths that can absorb the “feelings” of others when close-by.

The average person may not ever understand these people because their views might seem crazy but in reality, their views are just way ahead of the current time. If you know people like this or ever run into them, you should value their friendship for you were probably meant to know this person.

They are the true starseeds that are still, who creates forever, and shine like the sun and just like a  lonely star in the universe which every now and then in time, another star orbits them coming into their path and when this alignment happens, something special comes out of it.

star seeds starseeds 2016

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