Gliese 667C c -Exoplanet in A Triple-star System

Gliese 667C c super earth exoplanet

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Gliese 667C c is located in a triple-star system in the constellation Scorpius called Gliese 667. Gliese 667 C is the smallest stellar component of this system, with only around 31% of the mass of the Sun and 42% of the Sun’s radius. Gliese 667C c is about 22 light years from Earth with a minimum mass of 4.5 Earth’s masses.

Gliese 667C c orbits together with another massive planet, Gliese 667 b, around a red dwarf star Gliese 667C. All part of a triple-star system. Gliese 667A, Gliese 667b, and Gliese 667c.Gliese 667C c  The planet c is located right in the habitable zone, where liquid water on the planetary surface may exist.
Further information is yet to be announced please stay tuned.

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