Gaia is Goddess of the Earth! What about Pachamama Goddess? Could They Be Connected?

The Gaia Goddess Conspiracy –  Creator of all the Universe!

Our world is in peril! Gaia, the spirit of the earth, can no longer stand the terrible destruction plaguing our planet. She sends 5 magic rings to 5 special young people.. Sounds familiar?…

captain planet Gaia goddessThat was the introduction for the classic cartoon series “Captain Planet” which many have seen if you grew up in the early 90’s.  Not may people know this, but there if more to who Gaia is…. Gaia is Goddess of the Earth, Gaia Goddessshe is great mother of all.

In the 90’s cartoon the story is, she calls upon 5 teenage kids from around the world to help save the earth and promote environmentally friendly activity.

So who was Gaia? And why is she important?

In Greek Mythology, the deity who is a Goddess known as Gaia is creator and giver of birth to the Earth and all the Universe. This means that every known Gods, Giants, Titans, etc that we know of came and was birthed by the Goddess herself Gaia.

We are all her children.  Learn more about Gaia Goddess on WIKI Page But wait.. Could there be a connection between the Goddess Gaia and Pachamama?

Who is pachamama goddessPachamama?

She is a Goddess known by the indigenous people of the Andes who refer to her as the earth-time mother. In the Incas Mythology Pachamama is considered is a fertility goddess who presides over harvesting and planting, embodies the mountains, and she also causes earthquakes!

She is also an ever present and independent deity who has her own self-sufficient and creative power to sustain life on this earth.  Learn more about the Goddess Pachamama on here WIKI page.

So now we have Two Goddesses, Gaia, and Pachamama both of which seems very similar. Are they connected?  Tell us what you think below.


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Watch the following video below if you are not familiar with the show Captain Planet. For some, this video might bring back childhood memories.

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