Fear And The Human Brain

Fear. It is at the core of every beat that our hearts take. The only part within our being that cares about our survival in this earthly realm.

There is a lot of speculation as to what happens when we die. The main question seems to be do we live forever in eternity or do our beings forever perish with our passing?

These questions all stem from fear because deep down in our hearts we know the truth.  It’s funny how one can know all, while yet somehow knowing nothing. But what you know is and always has been YOUR choice.

In order to really explain what fear is, you must first understand a couple things about the human brain. Here’s why:

  • Fear is the part of your brain solely driven for survival at any and all cost.
  • It is the most ancient and primal function of our brain.
  • You could also refer to it also as your will to survive or even your ego.

The Medulla

Some of you may know of our medulla oblongata, if you don’t I would recommend you research it.  It can also be referred to as our reptilian complex, which is the same function reptiles and birds have.  So we share similar brain structures with the most ancient and primal of creatures.

Ever wonder where your fight, flight or freeze instincts come from?

This function of the brain controls our most basic functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, and movement of the body such as blinking and breathing . The reason why so many spiritual practices teach the power of  conscious breath is because it is the easiest way to hijack your mind back. Since this part of our brain controls our breathing, when you bring awareness to your breath and start to consciously breath you automatically bring your mind back to a more balanced and evolved state. You can see things more logically, not in such a state where your judgement is clouded by fear.

This is also the part of our brain that cares only about the appearance of people and things. It controls our competitive natures, and is driven in today’s society mainly by money, sex, and drugs.

Money is on the mind of almost every human. We see sex on the television and computer constantly. We hear about it in all the mainstream music. The fact that they are putting sugar, the most addictive drug on earth in all our food is no coincidence. All of these things ensure humans stay in their lower states of consciousness.


Limbic System A.K.A Mammalian Center

An interesting part of the human brain is what developed after the medulla. The next brain function is known as our limbic system a.k.a our mammalian center. It is similar to various mammal species.

This area of the brain controls our belief systems. Our core fundamental beliefs we learned in early childhood are stored in this part of the brain.  It is also where we developed characteristics like compassion and empathy for other beings.

If you notice mammals are the only animals who care for and nurture their offspring, unlike the reptiles who usually leave its offspring to fend for itself alone in the wild. Mammals take the time to raise their young to give them a better chance at survival.

If you were to watch most mammals they are even more compassionate than humans at the current time especially as disconnected from our nature we are. You often find them going out of their way to help and care for other animals even of different species. You see a dog befriending and guiding a blind goat, cats raising other babies, elephants setting gazelles free and monkeys starving to save fellow monkeys from electrocution. You can research some sad but telling experiments to see the undying compassion of mammals.

The neocortex

The most recent adaptation or evolution (whichever you prefer) was our neocortex. You can think of this as our logic and reasoning center of the brain. It controls our conscious thought and ability to speak language. This is how we recognize patterns and have the ability to see outside of the present moment into the past or the future.

It is because of the neocortex we don’t have to act on pure instincts and impulse like animals. We are able to first think about what we are doing and apply reason. We can question as to why, unlike most all animals aside from dolphins and elephants. It is this function that gives us the ability to have awareness of the moment and our own existence! It is how we think ” I AM” how we think ” I am alive and I am human!”


The importance of balanced brain

As an example of the medulla functions lets imagine any bug. The bug sees a bright light and thinks  “ooh WOW look a BRIGHT LIGHT, its so pretty I must get closer to it and closer” until they touch it and “OWWWWW” knocks them back for a moment and then “ooh look a bright light let me touch it “OWWWW”  again and again and again never ending until you turn off the light.

Lets for a moment think of a dog playing fetch. For that dog every time you throw the ball it’s like the very first time over and over again.  And they happily run after it again and again until their body is too tired or something else attracts their attention. Without a neocortex they have no idea how many times they have chased after the same ball. Which is why dogs always seem happy and rarely show signs of “boredom” which i believe is completely human construct.

Now even though humans have surpassed this level of awareness, you see them using their lower brain functions all the time.

Think of human habits, especially the habits that damage the mind, body or spirit. These are the habits we cannot seem to kick no matter how hard we try, this is because our primal mind LOVES what feels good only in the moment. It doesn’t think of why it does it or the consequences of doing it will have overall on you. It cares only for the thrill of the moment. If we do have the thought “oh i shouldn’t do this it is usually suppressed and we do whatever is we want to do anyways.

We often go into a type of Auto pilot where we are doing things solely on reflex without even thinking about it.That is why when you are driving down the road you will go miles and realize you don’t remember anything you have passed in the last 20 minutes .

Sometimes our neocortex is a blessing and a curse because a mind purely functioning on primal level is not LOGICAL! The neocortex when driven by the reptilian complex aka your fear it becomes a prison for the mind and can not rationalize. This is because everything in nature needs balance even the human brain. Us humans don’t realize that we are actually a large part OF nature. We have long forgotten our truth.


Excessive fear is always powerless


An even simpler way to put it is we can call your medulla, fear. Your mammalian center we can name our heart/love and we know that our neocortex is logic. When you have balance among these 3 parts of your brain you start to experience balance in the world around you.

The dangerous part of fear is that under the right circumstances it will mimic your heart. When your fear voice is louder than your heart voice your logic is imbalanced, because true logic comes ONLY when you have balance between love and fear. Your mind can play tricks on you it will allow you to live in a delusional state as a way of protecting you from the truth.

When you have this imbalance of the brain the way you are perceiving the reality around you is not the same as others. You’re not actually perceiving the objective reality we all experience here on earth. Your perception is deluded by your fear and you will see this manifest in your reality. Therefor the imbalance is actually projected outward into the world around you and onto the people closest to you.  You end up hating these people or resenting them for flaws you refuse to see within yourself. People are mirrors to us, and sometimes the hardest person to face is ourselves, so we blame others for our problems and shortcomings.

Dealing with Trauma

One of the major ways an imbalance on such a level occurs is by trauma.  Trauma can be known as any negative experience a human being incurs. There are different levels and types of trauma but all  have similar affects on a being. We become imbalanced by receiving a high amplification of pain and fear from trauma. The higher the amplification or volume of fear we intake the more your reptilian complex with take over.

To protect your mind and body from experiencing such emotional and physical pain it will actually disassociate which means it will split. So, these primal instincts will go into overdrive suppressing your heart space (mammalian center) and if your heart can’t speak, then logic becomes a slave to fear. This separation of the brain is to save your mind and heart from processing such volumes of negative emotions. The problem with this is that we don’t get to experience these emotions and they get trapped within our emotional body aka our heart.

These emotions build up and swim around until things in the outside word start to trigger these emotion inside of you. So you experience situations that recall these emotions like constantly being reminded of something bad that you have experienced. Often they manifest in life cycles that keep repeating themselves because we still haven’t processed the emotion with the experience. So, it may seem like you are experiencing the same thing over and over with different or the same people.

The thing is your mind, body and spirit want to heal itself. Until then you experience these situations that trigger certain emotions because nature is always craving balance. You may even say “no i don’t need healing” but that voice you hear is the voice of your fear.  We must remember that fear is a prison for the heart.

Another less intense way of creating imbalance is by suppressing our being too much. There is a saying i like that is simply suppression leads to depression. Holding back the wishes of our heart too much or even perhaps you are all heart then you get walked all over and hurt constantly.  Since it does go both ways when you have either too much fear or too much love it becomes a dangerous thing. Either we are unable to open up and connect, or you have no discernment of when its time to walk away and give no more love in a unhealthy relationship.

The suppression can also happen when you or someone else restricts your natural being. An example would be a little boy who loves pink being told that he cannot like the color because it is actually a girl color… when in fact pink IS a masculine color. Another example would be when your heart wants to shout i love you or open up with someone but the fear within stops you and keeps you disconnected. After suppressing one over the other so many times one side becomes more dominant therein creating the imbalance.


No matter how traumatized or how suppressed you have become there are many different tools, methods, and practices you can use to bring yourself back to center or back to balance.

Awareness is always the first step to making any type of major changes within yourself. Reprogramming the mind is not always easy especially for very traumatized beings because their fear becomes too strong and it LOVES the fact that it is in complete control of you. But alas there is hope with the right amount of diligence and perseverance we can overcome even the worst of imbalances. We can gain FULL control of our mind because fear is great servant but a terrible master.

Also there are many ancient techniques to aid with all of this. There are also people to help you process all the emotion trapped within your emotional pain body. We are all here to aid and help each other on this amazing journey of life! I wish love, light and strength to all of you in this immense time of mass world wide healing for all!!!!

Fear makes strangers out of people who should be friends 

                       -Shirley McClain                                        

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