Countdown Apophis Asteroid – Extinction Level Event (ELE) 2.7% Predicted Impact

Apophis Asteroid 99942 – Next Extinction Level Event (ELE)

apophis asteroid Three years ago a majority of the population thought it was doomsday back in 2012 as conspiracy theorists learned that the Mayan Calender was going to end on December 22, but there wasn’t a whole lot to prove it was a true and it turned out nothing happened.

However, there is a more threatening extinction event that nobody is really talking about and that’s Asteroid Apophis which is estimated to be in size about 270 – 325 meters as observed by The Herschel Space Observatory most recent data.

If you’ve never heard about Apophis Asteroid well get this… Back in December 2004 Asteroid Apophis caused quite the scare when data showed through observations that there would be a  2.7% chance it would impact earth on April 13, 2029! This is real,  and not a made up conspiracy like the 2012 end of days, Apophis is the REAL DEAL and will be the closest to a Extinction Level Event (ELE) we’ll be witnessing when we are close to that time in the near future.

Here on IV,  we will be CONNECTING the DOTS by gathering as much details about Apophis Asteroid hopefully with your help and what’s currently being discussed worldwide. Everything you will ever need to know will be available on this page by the time 2029 arrives so the countdown for Apophis begins today, August 15th 2015. You might also want to BOOKMARK THIS PAGE to check on updates as Intergalactic Vault will contentiously be adding content about Asteroid Apophis  for the next 13 years!

We will be discussing the facts, conspiracies, SHTF survival prepping, predictions, ancient history, myths, prophecy’s, science, physics, opinions, or whatever possible connections and findings we come across that seems related, maybe even methods mankind can formulate to stop an asteroid on such a large size scale.asteroid apophis When the time is near we’ll have the most solid source to prep for Apophis, the apocalypse that could be a true reality.

Feel free to post in the comments below any information you come across or speak your mind. You can even freely  post links and videos that you bump into if you think there is valuable information.


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