Breaking! Florida UFO Explosion – Real UFO Sighting Spring Hill, FL 12/12/2015

REAL UFO Sighting Over Spring Hill, FL 2015

A video was uploaded apparently showing a Florida UFO explosion the morning of December, 13th 2015, the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was spotted moving towards Spring Hill, FL. Claims have so far been made that thousands have made 911 calls to the police and radio. it was  was  ruled out as being a “rocket” supposedly (another cover up?)  But hold on.. the original UPLOADER of the video (Youtube Channel ‘Young Trillian‘) claims that he has more footage.

Yeah right I have this video and two others of the Airforce or military aircraft surrounding this object until it disappears – From the original video description.

ufo sighting spring hill florida FL explosion jellyfish purple december 2015

Watch the ORIGINAL Video of this Spring Hill Florida UFO Explosion below right now…

What is going on here? The following are a few comments people have made about this UFO Sighting over Spring Hill, FL, take a look!

  • Ive been researching unidentified phenomenon for since 2003 and ie never since any tyoe of footage like this.
  •  The world is more crazy than you think, when you do the research.
  • wow those thousands of 911 calls suddenly disappeared. must be some government cover up. no trace of this anywhere

See also the following VIDEO uploaded by thirdphaseofmoon


Spring Hill, FL UFO 2015 Update!!! Interview With You-tuber YoungTrillian!

Two days after this Spring Hill, FL UFO Incident, YouTube Channel thirdphaseofmoon was able to contact YoungTrillion (ORIGINAL UP-LOADER) of this  strange UFO Video captured which clearly shows a LARGE purple JELLYFISH looking Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in the sky!


Eyewitness Young Trillion In Regards to His Incredible UFO Capture Over FL 12/12/2015

Ufologists are seeking MORE information on this STRANGE Spring Hill, Florida UFO incident that took place in 2015, if you know ANYTHING, please comment below. 2016 should be an interested year for UFOs in the Florida area, we heard that many are popping up in this spring hill area.

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