Best Space Movies

Space Movies – The 10 Best

best space moviesSpace movies can be a tough decision when making a top 10 list especially when there are a handful of them to name. You shouldn’t take any top 10 movie lists literal because we all have likes and dislikes it is up to you to research what fits your interests the most. The last thing we wanted to do was to create a list of space movies and to have other sci-fi space lovers not feel left out when their favorite ones were not mention in a best space movies list so what we did was selected 10 of the best space movies we feel would be appropriate for most people to find enjoyable and suitable for a movie night when friends are over. So enjoy this list of hand picked best space movies to watch in a group on your high definition TV and don’t forget the popcorn!

We hope you enjoy the list & feel free to comment below if you want to mention your favorite or best space movies or even your own top 10 space movies!

Note: Star Wars, Star Trek, and Alien movies will be in a related post coming soon we didn’t feel it was appropriate to post them in this list but we understand that these movies are some of the greatest feature films ever made

10 Best Space Movies and their Official Trailers (Some trailers are extended and longer than usual)

10) Prometheus 2012

9) Armageddon 1998

8) Gravity 2013

7) Avatar 2009

6) Sunshine 2007

5) Love 2011

4) Moon 2009

3) Apollo 13 1995

2) Contact 1997

1) 2001 A Space Odyssey 1968

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