Are Aliens Real – Truth Exposing The Area 51 Aliens Cover-up

Are Aliens Real  – Proof of Aliens – Full Disclosure Needed

Are aliens real? This question has been asked for a VERY LONG time and  STILL today many Ufologist and Paranormal investigators, not to forget the millions of other people worldwide who has spend years of their lives dedicated to  studying and researching this question awaiting full disclosure. We all want answers to that ONE question, “are aliens real”?

Back in 2013, the HuffingtonPost created a poll which the results showed that HALF of Americans believe Extraterrestrial Life exists. With all the evidences about aliens that have been uncovered over the years, there is definitely proof of a cover-up going on and today we will dig deeper into this controversial subject and take a closer look to find out if aliens are real.

“According to a survey released by National Geographic , 77% of all Americans “believe there are signs that aliens have visited Earth”

So are aliens real? Let’s time travel back to the most dramatic and infamous alien case where it all started to become a reality. We’re talking about “The Roswell Incident“. This is where it all started and if we will find out if aliens are real, we must get to the source.

Back in July 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico a so called unidentified flying object UFO crash landed. It was one of those rare moments in history where the residents of Roswell was finally going to find out, are aliens real? Claims have been made that at the crash site, the military stepped in and cleaned up what was left of the area where they took massive account of debris and material, then took it back to the Area 51 Military base.

Are Aliens Real Roswell Record July 8 1947

The following day, a news article was released making headlines all across the world. It was titled “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch In Roswell Reigon”

After the release of the article in the newspaper, the residents of Roswell in shock, they all wanted to know.. are aliens real? This was such a BIG DEAL at the time the government responded to the public by saying the ENTIRE incident was NOT an alien wreckage but instead they claimed it was the  United States Air Force testing a “surveillance conventional weather balloon”. The news was so shocking  the public really wanted to know, are aliens real? It was well known that the Government was trying to cover-up what really took place after story went viral.

Soon it was broadcasted on radio  and it became infamous… Listen to the official radio broadcast below of The Roswell Incident which had America asking “are aliens real?”

Roswell UFO Radio News Report, July 8 1947

As the story settled down over the years, people still didn’t let go of that one question, are aliens REAL? It wasn’t until the 1970’s when the real conspiracies started to make it’s way into the mainstream. It was 30 years later and ufologists at the time were making claims that more than one alien spacecrafts have crashed landed and that alien bodies have been recovered and taken to military bases to study.

The Conspiracy became so huge that more and more experts in the field were speaking out about it and today, in 2015 many still have questions and want the proof that aliens are real. But wait, it’s not over yet. The Following Documents are OFFICIAL Government and FBI files about the “Roswell UFO Incident” that took place in 1947 in New Mexico which could be the “proof” that aliens are real and we are not alone…
are aliens real fbi document roswell ufo The Guy Hottel Memo are aliens real

  • FBI documents have been released because of the “freedom of information” See the link to read the FULL Document.
  • Another A single-page document was released which is dated  March 22, 1950  and is a memo by Guy Hottel, special agent in charge of the Washington Field Office, regarding UFOs is the most viewed document in the FBI Vaul

Is this proof? Are aliens real? Check this out… Here is part of the Guy Hottel transcript from the official document below, it seems very interesting and claims that there were THREE alien bodies recovered from the UFO crash!

An investigator for the Air Force stated that three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in new Mexico. They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter. Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture. Each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suite used by speed flyers and test pilots.

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