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Transmutation – Ancient Science of the COSMOS

Transmutation can represent the metaphor of refining the undeveloped consciousness of lead into an enlightened one of gold, many often assume this is the true meaning; but, that may be a common misconception.

Considering the concept of “As above, so below“, some people assume that it, in fact, represents both the metaphorical transmutation of the consciousness as well as the physical refining of lead into gold. Those who believe the former may disbelieve the latter, and vice versa.

First, before we learn about the concept of Transmutation, we must first take a look at Alchemy.

alchemy transmutation 2016 secretsAlchemy has been regarded as a primitive form of chemistry with its practitioners laboring to change base metal into gold.

However, a close study of the symbolic language of alchemy, and a comparison with similar ‘arts’ still practiced today in the East, clearly reveals a spiritual method by which we can become conscious of a timeless inner reality.

It is man himself who is the dull, raw lead, which by means of a gradual refining process can become Gold of the Sun, a process which can be understood as a rediscovery of the primal condition of the soul.

Through the vision of the alchemist man and cosmos the inner and outer aspects of nature, may be seen to be related together as images of one another.

This universal vision is the key to alchemical symbolism, which is found to reveal unsuspected spiritual horizons. – ALCHEMY


Things in alchemy often work in pairs. Just as we can “Divine a solution” in everyday problem-solving, we can create chemical solutions – solving a problem and dissolving a substance are conceptually linked in this way.

If you read more into Alchemy you will find this same transmutation concept referenced in the creation of a variety of potions or spirits – where the solution begins in a “nigredo” or black phase, paralleling lead and through a calcination or purification process it reaches the “albedo” or gold phase. There is sometimes a phase beyond that, the “Rubedo” or red phase.

As is often the case in alchemy, these things can be taken literally, figuratively and symbolically all simultaneously.

See the link below to learn more about Ancient Egypt and the Science of inner Alchemy

For some good research material I’d suggest these videos:

Also, from the Wikipedia article on nuclear transmutation:

“It transpired that, under true nuclear transmutation, it is far easier to turn gold into lead than the reverse reaction, which was the one the alchemists had ardently pursued. Nuclear experiments have successfully transmuted lead into gold, but the expense far exceeds any gain.”

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