2016 Poll | Do You Believe The “Illuminati” Exist? Celebrities Speaking Out

Do You Believe The “ILLUMINATI” Exist?

Do you believe the Illuminati is real? Tell us what you think! The Illuminati topic has been one of the BIGGEST talked about conspiracy on the internet in previous years so before 2015 ends, we’ll be leaving this one open for discussion as we approach 2016.

Below are some well-known celebrities including Rappers, and other Musicians/Hollywood stars speaking and discussing openly their views on the Illuminati. Many of of these famous people do actually believe the Illuminati group is real and control the world that we live in today as you will lean after listening to the following videos.

Note that some of these Hollywood stars may not all use the term “Illuminati” in their interviews, however, they do speak in great detail about what goes on behind the scenes in the industry, or entertainment business that the PUBLIC EYES do not get to see.

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You’ll be hearing well known celebrities that are infamous REVEALING & EXPOSING secrets of the elites, even legends you may be familiar with, such as John Lennon of the Beatles, and Bob Dylan who admitted that he sold his sold to get to where he’s at today. Names such as Tupac, KRS One, Prodigy of Mob Deep, DMX, N.O.R.E, Michael Jackson, Prince, Comedian Katt Williams are on the list of celebrities who are exposing (TPTB) the powers that be agenda, so sit back, and LISTEN to all of what they are speaking of with an open mind, THEN you can make up your own mind.

Do You Believe The "ILLUMINATI" Exist?

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